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A New Choice for Improved Adhesive Formulations

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Eastman’s new EastotacTM C100XF resin is a hydrogenated hydrocarbon exhibiting excellent physical and functional properties in adhesive formulations. This new resin also shows lower initial color and significant improvement in heat stability and total volatility. Eastotac C100XF can be widely used in nonwoven, packaging, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), glue sticks, and more.

Eastotac C100XF is manufactured in Nanjing, China, and sold across China and Asian markets.

Benefits that Eastotac C100XF offers to adhesive formulations include:• Light initial color • Outstanding heat stability • Low VOC over a number of temperatures

Thermal stability of hydrogenated tackifier resins under 180°C


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